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Recreating the stunning Lotus Temple in Delhi, in two-tone 18K white and rose gold, the ring is studded with an astounding 7,777 pieces of round, brilliant-cut natural diamonds of EF colour with VVS/VS clarity, as certified by IGI, Mumbai.

The ‘Lotus Temple Ring’ was conceptualised and designed by Bhandari, founder of Lakshikaa Jewels. The Lotus Temple is an architectural wonder, in the shape of a closed lotus with 27 marble-clad petals. Casting it in diamonds required keeping the ratio of each lotus petal to be the same, with perfect angles and symmetry. Bhandari also wanted to use exactly 7,777 diamonds, an auspicious number, the sacred 7 series for the record. The endeavour took 18 months and innumerable hours, with a team of 12 artisans. The end result is that the ring is a marvellous example of Make in India, and what Indian vision, spirituality and craftsmanship can achieve. 

The lotus, the padma, is considered a sacred symbol in several religions. For Hindus and Jains, it's the choice of throne for several deities. For Buddhists, it represents purity, And, for the Bahá'ís, it means unity in god, religion and humanity. Whomever the ring adorns will be touched by good fortune and god's blessings. As has been the case with the creator of the ring. We wanted to explore the beauty of architecture in diamonds. Going forward, we are going to continue to explore iconic landmarks, such as the Seven Wonders of the World, Eiffel Tower, Antilia and Burj Khalifa and others, in the form of jewellery and models." The ring, weighing 70.42 gm, is available for sale.

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